Rosemont Helping Hand Fund

Helping Hand is a non – profit organization that has been in existence for over three decades in Rosemont.
Helping Hand is not government funded and relies on donations from people and companies like you. Some of our residents have faced some challenging Economic times these past years and have been unable to support their families. We have found the need for assistance and support has increased dramatically. The support needed may be in the area of food, School supplies, doctor visits, library passes for kids, summer reading programs, Thanksgiving and holiday gifts, Senior citizens or just basic living. We really need your help to keep up with this demand.
Helping Hand is requesting a helping Hand. We would be very grateful if you would make a contribution to help these families in need. Your support is crucial.

If anyone is in need of help or assistance please call our hotline at 847-825-4404 ext. 376
Donations may be made to:
Village of Rosemont Helping Hands
9501 W. Devon Ave.
Rosemont, IL 60018
Attn: Rick Drehobl